Perchè portarsi dietro tutto se c'è Banji?

Grazie a Banji tutto il tuo materiale è raccolto in una pratica App che puoi portare sempre con te


All your content at
your fingertips

Banji is perfect for agents and sellers, because it allows you to present your company and products anywhere, with a simple tablet: in a meeting, on the road or at the fair.

Go beyond traditional communication

The new system for transforming your brochure, catalog or company profile into an interactive App, exciting and winning: even in cost compared to printing. A unique, exciting, interactive and innovative way to present your business on tablets or smartphones!


Banji is completely personalized in style and content,  usable on all common platforms

Other than the usual catalog

Video, audio, animations, timelines, 3D panoramas and even more: with Banji you can create an innovative, exciting, dynamic and multilingual presentation

Always updated

Through a simple web panel you can manage the dynamic contents and update them in real time on the app

Free Demo

Try the Banji experience, request a free trial!