Turn your presentations
into conversations

Marketers can guide sellers to the most relevant content for each conversation and offer them the chance to deliver them in a visual and personalized environment.
Sellers can add more value to each conversation by offering buyers an extraordinary experience every time.

'No WiFi, no problem'

The connection is always an incongruity, so Banji has decided to put all your content offline, like PDFs, videos, images and much more. In this way you will not miss an opportunity.


If the internet connection is not available, you can continue to view all the content within the app.

UI Design

The banji app has been designed and designed so that the consultation is a simple and fun experience.


Contents such as texts, images, videos, pdfs, links, virtual tours can be collected only one screen easy to consult.


Banji speaks more languages

Not just in Italian

Banji is very important in expressing itself in unfamiliar languages ​​so that it can also be included abroad.

All in real time

If you want to change the language of the app just select the desired language and all the contents will be changed instantly

Free Demo

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